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Audi Centre West London

Livingston Eyre was asked to design the planting for the world’s largest Audi Centre on a prime site alongside the elevated section of the M4. The building, containing exhibition and museum space, is open to the public, so the outdoor approach was to be as welcoming as possible.

The area available for planting was very limited, due to requirements for parking space both above and below ground, and a pedestrian subway.  The Planners’ desire for the frontage to feature substantial planting had to be carefully balanced with the Client’s desire for their showroom and forecourt areas to be easily visible.

The team devised a striking planting scheme of structured curves of low-growing plants coupled with columnar trees.  In this way, the soft areas could give maximum impact whilst still allowing plenty of views to critical areas.  In addition, climbing plants on steel trellises were used to clothe the huge walls surrounding the site without affecting their structure

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with: Wilkinson Eyre Architects for: Volkswagen Group status: completed 2010