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London Athena Sculpture

At London City Airport, Livingston Eyre was commissioned as lead consultant and landscape architect for a project based around the installation of the UK’s tallest bronze statue – a representation of Athena by the artist Nasser Azam.   The sculpture is intended to act as a landmark for visitors arriving at the airport.

Ground modelling was inspired by the artist’s early sketches, where Athena was throwing a ball.  Computer modelling was employed so that the contours exactly represent six spheres sunk into the ground.  The shapes were then covered with contrasting evergreen shrubs.

The sculpture is set in the centre of a busy roundabout that had previously been overgrown, with trees and tall vegetation blocking views.  The new planting scheme is carefully designed so that motorists’ sight lines are clear.  

The ground level at which the sculpture sits was carefully calculated to be as high as permissible within airport safeguarding restrictions, thus maximising her impact.

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for: Nasser Azam completed: 2012