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St John & St James Primary, Enfield

As the capacity of St John and St James Primary is expanding, the playground has been completely remodelled to fit around a large new block of classrooms.  Livingston Eyre collaborated on hard works and were responsible for all soft works.

The scheme echoes the circle of the new building canopy, with a sweep of green lawn around the perimeter, fringed by a forest of birch trees.  Fingers of raised ground point toward the centre, creating small valleys and providing greater play value and interest.

Nestled in, and between, these forms are bespoke  pieces of play equipment, commissioned in consultation with the school. This equipment is specially designed to maximise the variety of  activities possible in the restricted areas available. Rubber matting that blends with the grass was used as a soft surface; it also protects the grass roots, preventing erosion.

Within the hard playground area, an existing cherry tree was retained with the installation of a layer of bound-rubber mulch surrounded by benches.  It is now an area where children can gather or play without tripping over, or damaging, tree roots.

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with: Studio Cullinan And Buck Architects Limited for: the London Diocesan Board and the Governing Body of St John & St James completed: 2012