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Holy Trinity Primary School

At Holy Trinity, the school expanded from single to two-form entry.  Refurbishment and extension of the existing school was required to accommodate the new pupils and to resolve the confusing and illegible layout. 

The new school entrance is clearly visible from the gate, with lines of trees and paving directed towards it.  With the architects, a  tree-like plan was devised, progressing logically from the reception and hall at the heart of the school, to classrooms for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and beyond. 

The branching structure extends out into the landscape, where invaluable outdoor learning spaces are provided for each class, in addition to facilities for sports and active play. 

Opposite the school hall is a new courtyard. Here, an amphitheatre of steps looks out over a terrace that can be used for performances in good weather. 

Near the school kitchen are new raised planters, in which pupils can grow vegetables and herbs alongside existing fruit trees.

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with: Architype Architects for: London Borough of Richmond upon Thames completed: 2011